Spectrum Behavior Services

Providing ABA therapy today, for a brighter tomorrow

Home-Based Intervention

Our Home-Based Intervention is one-on-one ABA therapy rendered in the comfort of your own home.  An individualized treatment plan will be created for your child after an intial evaluation and services will be rendered by staff trained in ABA.  We utitlize the principles of ABA and Verbal Behavior to create a reinforcing and fun learning environment.  We rely heavily on the child's motivation to create an atmosphere that lends it's self to natural environment teaching (NET), and incidental learning.  Our Home-Based intervention may include specialized services, such as, potty training or facilitated playdates depending on need.

Community-Based Intervention

Our Community-Based Intervention is designed to help integrate your child's individualized treatment into the community.  We can create individualized goals to help your child develop and increase appropriate skills for community participation.  We can help with activities such as dining out a restaurant, grocery shopping, playing at the park, going to the library, or shopping at the mall.  We focus strongly on coaching the parents on effective strategies to help your child gain the independence they need to particpate in the community.  

Supported Inclusion

Is your child ready for school, but still needs some extra help?  Our supported inclusion program provides a "shadow" to attend school with your child.  The shadow's role will be to facilitate the child’s involvement in the classroom, both in terms of academic performance and social development.  This role is dynamic, changing not only during the course of the school year, but often from activity to activity within the day.  In addition to helping the child follow classroom routines, the shadow promotes play and socialization with the child’s peers. The instructor will also model effective techniques for teachers and classroom aides, so that the child’s progress can be maintained with less one-on-one support.  This service is offered contingent on appropriateness for the child and the willingness of the chosen school to allow a shadow. 

Other services

Complimentary Consultation

A complimentary consultation will be offered to those interested in services.  This consultation will help you decide if Spectrum Behavior Services is right for you and your child by answering questions and addressing concerns you may have regarding your child's treatment.  

Parent Training

Parent training is highly recommended for anyone choosing Home-Based Intervention or Community-Based Intervention.  Parent training offers you as the parent, the opportunity to help your child generalize the skills they are learning into their everyday routines.  It is also a good opportunity for you to review monthly progress, ask questions, and give input regarding your child's goals and individualized treatment plan.   

ARD Meeting Support

Need an advocate for your child's ARD meeting?  We are here to help.  We will attend ARD meetings to help advocate for your child's rights and offer expert advice.