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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ABA? 

"Applied Behavior Analysis is the science in which procedures derived from the principles of behavior are systematically applied to improve socially significant behavior to a meaningful degree and to demonstrate experimentally that the procedures employed were responsible for the improvement in behavior." Cooper, 1986

What is Verbal Behavior?

Verbal Behavior (VB) is guided by the principles Applied Behavior Analysis and utilized to teach skills, including language, to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders or other related disorders.  Language is treated as a behavior that can be taught using the principles of operant conditioning and can be shaped and reinforced.  This is done with careful attention given to why and how the child is using language.  Verbal Behavior uses discrete trial teaching (DTT) techniques such as “SD-response-consequence,” but the approach is slightly different, because Verbal Behavior programming focuses on the child's motivation.  VB programming begins with a heavy emphasis on “manding” (requesting preferred items).  One key characteristic of Verbal Behavior is that it is much more child-led and skills tend to be taught more in the natural environment and away from a table or specified "work" area.